• Accepts an Input Signal directly from: mV source, TC (all ISA Types), RTD, Differential Temperature, Strain Gage Transducer, Load cell, Potentiometric, Voltage, Current, Resistance
  • Isolation: Input/Output 500 VDC via Optical Coupling
  • M31 Mounting Bracket included
  • Fully RFI Protected
Unit of Measure

Model 18-115A

N/A -E89 Current Input (4/20mA) (Standard) -E89T 24 VDC Transmitter Power -E88 Input Voltage Divider -mV millivolt -TC Thermocouple -R Resistance -RD RTD -SG Strain Gage Load Cell -POT Potentiometer

Model 18-115A

N/A -E5 0/10 VDC -E44 4/20 mA -E54 1/5 mA -E70 0/20 mA -E74 0/5 VDC -E80 10/50 mA -E94 1/5 VDC

Model 18-115A
Power Supply

N/A 115 VAC (Standard) -E71 220 VAC 50/60 Hz -E92I 24 VDC Isolated

Model 18-115A

N/A None -M31 Surface Mounting Bracket -M32 Surface Mounting Bracket with Cover

Model 18-115A

N/A -LIN Linearization

Model 18-115A
Fast Response

N/A -E25 Fast Response -E2510 Fast Response (10 Hz)

Model 18-115A
Transient Protection

N/A -E73 Transient Protection (Consult Factory)

Model 18-115A
High Level Input

N/A -E114 Hi Level Input (Multiply Span & Zero Settings by 10)

Model 18-115A
High Input Impedance

N/A -E139 HI Input Impedance (Source Current 1 Pico Amp)