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DEVAR alarms are designed to accurately monitor process trip-points from current, millivolt, DC volts and thermocouple signals. These alarm points can be easily set in percent of signal or directly in engineering units. The units will constantly monitor the set point against the actual signal and switch a 10 amp SPDT relay when the set point is exceeded. Alarms are available in wall mount, panel mount, track or DIN rail mount, AC/DC line voltage powered or loop powered versions.
Pump Controllers

Industrial and Pump Controllers

DEVAR Analog/Digital on/off controllers are used for controlling level in tanks of various shapes and sizes. These highly accurate, multipurpose instruments provide direct indication of the measured variable in any engineering units desired.

Data Loggers & Recorders

DEVAR is a leader in developing and manufacturing process control and data recording devices. Beginning over 30 years ago, as one of the first in the field to use solid-state technology. DEVAR's reputation for accuracy, dependability and diverse applications is built on years of experience in designing equipment to meet advancing technical needs.
Level and Pressure

Level & Pressure Transmitters

The DEVAR pneumatic instrumentation series is ideal for applications requiring the control, conversion, measurement and transmission of electro/pneumatic signals. Each unit is designed for NEMA 1 or explosion proof field mounting. This series is used for new applications, replacements or retrofits.
Loop Powered Indicators

Loop Powered Indicators

DEVAR loop powered indicators are designed to easily convert any standard 4 to 20mA loop signal to readout directly in engineering units.

* Now available: Optional back-lit display!
Loop Isolators

Loop Isolators

DEVAR current loop signal isolators reduce problems found in field measurements when signal transmitters or converters encounter both input and output signals that may be grounded. Current loop isolators eliminate these ground loops and are available as input loop powered or output loop powered instrumentation.
Panel Meters

Panel Meters

DEVAR Series 3000 1/8 DIN Panel Meters offer the utmost in readability and ease of configuration, using plain English prompts. These compact units accept mV, SG T/C, RTD, DCV, pH, ORP signals directly indicating the values via a 6 character 14 segment LED.
Signal Converters

Signal Converters

DEVAR signal converters accept a variety of inputs from mV-TC, RTD, DC voltage, and current signals. A direct proportional output in the form of DC voltage or current is completely isolated from the input. DEVAR signal converters are powered by 110/120 VAC.


Wireless Telemetry Monitoring System,Transmitter/Receiver
The most powerful non-licensed monitoring wireless telemetry system in use today. Transmits up to 10 miles.  No FCC license is required to operate and no "line of sight" is necessary.
Temperature Transmitters

Temperature Transmitters

Conversion of thermocouple, RTD, millivolt and resistance signals from field sensors is accomplished using two wire signal transmitters.
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